The real people behind the frog!

Grow Medical is a small group of people with a mission of big importance – your growth and success. We’re first to admit that we can’t help you grow taller but we are passionate about helping you grow in professional stature, capability, influence and career success. That work stretches across how you think, your non-clinical skills and capabilities, how well you lead & manage, your approach to time & personal effectiveness, your excellence in influencing & communications and how well you do at interview, especially consultant interview.

We provide our support through open courses, in-house programmes, coaching and e-learning, as well as generally being there when you face difficult decisions and tough challenges.

Passionate about enabling your success in life & healthcare.

Mr Andrew Vincent

Genuinely passionate about helping people develop their thinking and capability, especially in relation to our rapidly changing healthcare landscape. I want to ensure that committed, positively-motivated professionals are equipped with the thinking, skills and approaches necessary to cope with the demands, rigours and challenges of today’s health environment, as well as preparing them for a very different tomorrow.

  • Specialist in leadership & behavioural change
  • Deep knowledge of macro-economics, policy and system change, as well as how they affect clinical services
  • Special interest in the motivations of and influences on individual behaviour
  • Provides consultancy in complex, human performance related areas
  • Specialist in leadership of health services in the modern, competitive healthcare economy
  • Qualified to deliver MBTI, FIRO-B, SDI tools
  • Author of The Consultant Interview (Oxford University Press)
  • Formal training from The Coaching Academy
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (Chartered Institute of Marketing)
  • MBA with Distinction (Manchester Business School)

Dr Sara Watkin

  • Acute specialty consultant of 20+ years’ service
  • Clinical Service Lead, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Neonatal Service
  • Clinical Director for 10+ years
  • Associate Responsible officer (Specialist Hospitals Board)
  • NE London Clinical Reference Group
  • Clinical Lead for a Managed Clinical Network for 2 years
  • Educational supervisor and College Tutor for many years
  • Specialises in leadership & management development, financial training and job planning for senior clinical staff with a special interest in workforce reform, change & collaboration
  • Grow Medical Lead for Revalidation
  • Qualified to deliver MBTI, FIRO-B, LQF tools
  • Author of The Consultant Interview (Oxford University Press)
  • Formal training from The Coaching Academy
  • MBTI & FIRO-B qualified

Senior Consultants

Mr Paul Hollinshead

  • Senior Lecturer Derbyshire Business School on MBA programmes (former)
  • Masters Programme Leader for Derbyshire Business School
  • Wrote and accredited JCB Leadership Development Suite of programmes
  • Successful leadership development across a wide spectrum of complex clients including Derbyshire Hospitals, British Midland Airways, Thames Valley Water, Walsall Manor Hospital, Powergen, Saint Gobain and more
  • Specialises in senior-level leadership & management development in competitive environments
  • Experienced in evolving culture in ‘former’ public sector organisations now commercial
  • Paul is a natural inspirer of people with a passion for striving for excellence

Vaughan Roberts

  • Specialist in leadership development in healthcare and public sector
  • Accredited Trainer in Professor John Adair’s Action-Centred Leadership (ACL)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management (FInstLM)
  • Diploma in Business Support
  • Performance management, appraisal and revalidation specialist
  • Significant experience both at senior management and director level of leading, motivating & developing individuals and teams in large, multi-site commercial organisations
  • Successfully managed stand-alone store operations & regional sales teams for B&Q in the highly competitive and customer service focused retail sector
  • High growth business coach & mentor
  • Extensive management consultancy experience in both the private & public sectors
  • Vaughan is renowned for making things practical and useful, something valued immensely by those he helps