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Grow Medical from eMedicus Ltd.61 Day

The ability to influence remains perhaps one of the most vital professional capabilities and is frequently the deciding factor in leadership success or failure, business cases, engagement of staff in transformation and the successful function of clinical medicine. Professionals, irrespective of seniority, have to operate without explicit authority, either vertically or horizontally, often in scenarios that have significant implications for the future. If you can't just tell people what to do, success or failure comes down to your ability to influence & foster consensus. This super-practical course is entirely focused on that singular goal, with a comprehensive programme designed to create a step change in your influence and impact, whether with colleagues or from a wider Trust & management perspective. Firmly grounded in behavioural science, you'll be genuinely amazed at the impact a single day can have. Guaranteed!


Most of us were brought up to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. That was excellent advice for developing social graces but unfortunately a real trap in the collective arts of influencing and negotiation. We are all different. Add to that the very specific behavioural components of influencing and it is easy to see why so many struggle. Regardless of the communication medium or method, the goal is to achieve an outcome and this is how we approach the systematic breakdown of a complex set of behavioural principles into an easy-to-apply approach that can be adapted to people, organisations and circumstances. We are always 'amused' that sometimes people feel they either don't need or can't afford the time for a course just on influencing. If you think just how hard getting stuff done really is when it involves others, you'll realise that you probably can't afford not to! The payback is huge in time saved, relationships preserved and outcomes achieved.


This programme is accompanied by two additional digital programmes.  Post course, you will be granted access to the programmes Influencing Upwards & Outwards (7 CPD points and worth £70 + VAT), in video-narrated form.  Plus our Understanding People e-learning programme, providing 3 CPD points and a great deal of enhanced learning depth in a crucial set of topics.


Our Easyjet-style pricing means places start at £225 + VAT for the first 5 places, step to £255 + VAT for the next block and then revert to the standard price of £285 + VAT. It's not time-related, it's 'places available at' and so it pays to book swiftly to secure one of the lower price places.

This means that you get the best price available by booking early but it does require payment at the time of booking, as the place is attached to you and that denies someone else the chance. In the event study leave is declined, refunds are issued according to standard terms & conditions.



  • Role & importance of effective influencing
  • Influencing in clinical, leadership & managerial success
  • Upwards influencing - importance & consequences of ineffectiveness
  • What influencing lessons can we learn from Mid Staffs?
  • Typical influencing scenarios and their pitfalls
  • Understanding the distinct failure sequence in influencing
  • Identifying your own influencing failure mechanisms


  • From stimulus to behaviour - understanding the biology
  • What are the influences on behaviour?
  • The importance of context, conditioning and early experience
  • The crocodile versus the cortex
  • Understanding behavioural triggers - positive and negative
  • Motivations of behaviour - the inner human
  • How we process information
  • How the inner human affects meaning, interpretation & reactions
  • Language choice to improve clarity and understanding
  • Building rapport, naturally
  • Predicting & managing what other people think



  • Adopting a robust model of influencing
  • Strategy & planning versus ad hoc and unfolding
  • Considering a balance of factors
  • Working out what is influencing behaviour
  • Utilising a Think, Feel, Do approach
  • Adapting influencing strategy & language to different audiences
  • Influencing for being listened to
  • Influencing for risk mitigation
  • Overcoming the inner crocodile
  • Influencing for achievement of goals
  • Influencing for engagement
  • Developing consensus
  • Techniques for overcoming intransigence
  • Moving forward when consensus remains elusive

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  • Standard Price: £285.00

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