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Grow Medical from eMedicus Ltd.61 Day

The most comprehensive, 1-day appraisal & revalidation course there is for healthcare professionals, fully consistent with the requirements of the GMC revalidation process.

Given the vital nature of getting appraisals right for both individuals and organisations, this programme is designed to firmly support you in how to set up and conduct appraisals effectively. Appraisals form the backbone of revalidation, as well the core methodology for tying organisational priorities to individual goals, activities and competency. The appraisal itself can be a stressful experience for both appraisee and appraiser, where effective communication skills are paramount and where very specific approaches are necessary when difficult issues need to be addressed. This powerful course focuses on the vital skills and approaches necessary in a very comprehensive manner, leading to improved appraisal effectiveness, greater confidence and enhanced impacts on performance as a whole, as well as revalidation appraisal readiness.


Going forward, we have made the decision to concentrate on our ever growing In House/Bespoke course delivery, rather than open courses. With ever greater financial pressures on Trusts, this allows us to deliver a lower per person cost, with no travel for delegates as an added bonus.

We are able to come into your trust and deliver highly cost-effective, first class training service to groups of typically between 8 – 20 delegates (larger numbers can be accommodated on request).  For 8 or more delegates, the in-house rate saves both Trust and individuals money, not to mention the time-saving from not having to travel. 

Most of our courses can be tailored to suit specific groups e.g. consultants, SAS doctors, allied healthcare professionals etc, or structured for mixed groups. We are also finding that 2 or 3 local trusts may join forces to put on a training course, allowing more attendees and thus lowering the cost per person still further.



  • Principles in organisational performance - where appraisal fits
  • Understanding the GMC revalidation process
  • Examining the role appraisals play and common misunderstandings
  • Establishing a robust appraisals framework & approach
  • Tying appraisals to departmental objectives & core priorities
  • Building commitment & reducing negative reactions
  • Productivity versus competency-based appraisal
  • Ensuring the right conditions for an effective appraisal
  • How to ensure readiness in both appraise and appraiser


  • Structuring appraisals - person centred approach
  • Preparing for appraisals - continuous & immediate
  • Data collection to feed appraisals and enhance objectivity
  • 360 degree feedback in appraisals - systems, process & pitfalls
  • Bringing patient feedback into the appraisal process
  • Appraisal feedback - effective communication skills
  • Managing emotions, naivety and denial
  • Managing perception gaps between appraise and appraiser
  • Psychology in appraisals - considering the individual
  • Avoiding inadvertent psychological bias
  • The Personal Development Plan (PDP) - the output of appraisal
  • Creating effective PDPs that drive development &performance
  • Appraisal pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Legal considerations in appraisals


  • Special considerations when there are concerns
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Understanding the escalation process
  • Building a supportive approach to concern rectification
  • The role of the Responsible Officer
  • Reassuring the appraisee and managing their reactions
  • Approaching poor performance appraisals supportively
  • How to handle the uncooperative or antagonistic appraisee
  • Tackling low engagers
  • Ensuring you, as appraiser, are safe

Course Dates

  • ~ - 30th, Jun 2030


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