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It's very clear there's something going on in healthcare and to many it doesn't make sense. It's also clear that it could be judged anywhere from a storm in a teacup to a personal, professional and service catastrophe.  That makes it quite difficult to know how to respond, personally, for your own security, and professionally, for the welfare of the service and the patients it serves. This challenging, thought-provoking and very practical morning is designed to fill in some of those gaps in a non-biased, politically neutral manner, whilst providing you with a robust framework to evaluate what happens from here and invaluable perspective on how to approach personal decision-making and choices in such troubled times. We'll also provide a range of persepctives on how individuals, services and Trusts need to respond to ensure they are secure and to mitigate some of the effects. It will be very pragmatic, with sound advice.




  • What's happening out there - the true state of healthcare, objectively
  • The bigger picture and how it is driving current circumstances
  • The Government, DH and NHS rock and a hard place
  • 10 system changes you absolutely must know about
  • Understanding WHY Government, DH & NHSI are behaving as they are
  • Will their behaviour & policy change?



  • Evaluating personal and service risk, threat & opportunity
  • Avoiding behavioural and personal bias
  • A framework to analyse magnitude and severity of risk & threat
  • Where is it going and what does this mean for services?
  • What does it mean for consultants and other individuals?
  • Getting to the bottom of risk severity



  • Introducing robust personal decision-making
  • Understanding and mitigating risk-driven bias
  • Decision security and confidence to act
  • What are the options, personally, professionally and service?
  • When you feel trapped or optionless
  • Managing personal feelings and emotions
  • Avoiding doing something stupid when you shouldn't
  • Overcoming not doing something when you should

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