Ensuring you are fully enabled to succeed in a rapidly evolving career landscape

We have been advising and supporting healthcare professionals in their careers for many years and in many ways. Healthcare is changing, interviews are changing, opportunities require new skills and sometimes difficult choices too. It’s vital you get the right advice and that your decisions, actions and interview preparation are based on a clear view of reality.

Insights – Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape


Our work in developing a deeper and better understanding of the evolving landscape and how it might affect people at all career stages is second to none and very well regarded.

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Interview Coaching

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For many years we have been understandably proud of the fantastic success rate we have achieved helping individuals get the consultant posts they deserve. It’s such an important area for us that we have a site devoted specially to it.

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Interview Skills E-Learning


Our Consultant Interview Skills e-learning course is not just a course. It’s a package of support that saves considerable preparation time and directs you in a manner that gives you a significant advantage over other candidates.

It’s true to say that life is quite pressured today, with overwhelming levels of clinical load, coupled to an extreme pressure to reform in one manner or another. It takes its toll on us humans and especially if we aren’t so sure how best to deal with it. It creeps up on us. We struggle to see the wood from the trees. These are some of the most challenging ‘no right answer’ issues you are likely to face. We can help… seriously.

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The Consultant Interview

Andrew wrote a very scary book about what’s happening in the NHS, all backed up by data. It’s essential reading for anyone struggling to make sense of what’s happening to them or thinking of making career decisions, especially life-changing ones.

A constant best seller in its field and recommended by so many (thank you…), our book entitled the Consultant Interview, through Oxford University Press, has helped thousands prepare for an get the jobs they really want.

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