Time to Tackle Personal & Professional Wellbeing?

You get to spend just ONE life. The big question facing so many healthcare professionals centres on just who is in charge of spending it and are they spending it wisely?

It’s definitely your life. You may have chosen to spend a great deal of it in tending to the health needs of others but we’re pretty sure this isn’t the ‘way’ you intended or perhaps to the degree you intended. Too many individuals are today finding themselves facing one, more or even all of the following personal challenges:

  • Overwhelming, almost soul-destroying load
  • Worrying about mistakes and misdiagnoses from running full tilt, constantly
  • Spending much of their limited personal time simply recovering from the last bout of professional time
  • Stresses and strains on their relationships
  • Mental & physical health problems from exhaustion almost to expiration
  • Literally no time for self
  • Sense of hopelessness that ‘this is your lot’

There are far too many worried that they are working themselves ‘to death’ out of commitment to patients, knowing that it’s not sustainable, and thus concerned that they’ll arrive at retirement physically and emotionally too exhausted to enjoy it, with a trail of life-destruction behind them.

Perhaps it is time to change…

The Change Decision

Arguably the hardest part and the easiest bit to get wrong, for all the wrong reasons. We have put together a page on just this. We hope it helps!

FREE Time & Stress Tips

Be sure to register for this, as it gives you completely free access to what we call ‘freelearning’ or in human speak, free e-learning CPD mini-programmes, as well as tools and guidance. You’ll already find a full programme on The Productive Meeting and a technique called Stress Cycling


Our Offerings Around Personal Change

Below, you will find a series of rows containing just some of the things we do that can help improve, or even transform lives.

Our NHS is Crashing

Andrew wrote a very scary book about what’s happening in the NHS, all backed up by data. It’s essential reading for anyone making career decisions and especially if you are thinking about doing something life-changing.

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making headway in a stormPathForward Coaching Programme

The backbone of personal change is a good set of decisions that you have the confidence to act on. The PathForward Coaching Programme is designed to help you through sometimes the most difficult of circumstances. The more stress you feel under, the greater the difficulty in making sensible life choices and implementing them… until now.

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Young Businesswoman Doing Meditation On Desk In OfficeStress Management & Resilience

We ran a one-off programme once, to see if we could help people cope better and take back some control of their lives. It now runs ten times per annum, is full of individuals who have been recommended by other individuals and we get asked regularly to deliver it in-house too. If you are seriously stressed about your work life, take a peek.

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young business woman corporate executive relaxing sitting on a chair in the open air outdoorsTime Management & Personal Effectiveness Course

If we became famous for one thing it was for our Time Management course aimed primarily at Consultants and your truly unique work context and challenges. Roughly half those attending have been recommended by previous attendees. In an area where it is too easy to think nothing can help, our course has grown hugely because it kicks that myth into touch. We get letters…

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Man with arms raised in the skyACHIEVE Learning Package

Based loosely on a super-concentrated and enhanced version of our Time Management Programme, our digital learning package allowed us the space to focus on all of the things we didn’t have time for in a single day. It comes complete with evaluations and targeted guidance on how to improve you specifically. It’s genuinely ground-breaking.

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