Overcoming the Perfectionism Trap

A Typical Time Management Problem for Doctors I fall into this trap sometimes and it’s really common in doctors, so I thought I’d share a couple of quick solutions that people tell me really helped them (feedback from our Time Management Course, which in part looks at stuff like this). The Problem Fundamental to good … Continued

Declaring Income Levels – Our Quick Opinion

So, doctors are going to be asked to declare their income from private practice as part of an apparent tightening up of conflict of interest rules. We think the reason is different and more career-impactful. Having open declarations of conflict of interest is an essential thing. But is income-level a conflict of interest? The rationale … Continued

Grow Grows its Web Presence

We are delighted to release our brand new, shiny website and equally delighted to confirm that the frog stays! The new site will give us the ability to respond to healthcare news and events much more rapidly, provide educational articles more easily and help you better navigate to the courses and services you need. We’d … Continued