Doctors Strikes & Courses

What’s Our Policy?

It’s a tough one for everybody and we are playing it somewhat by ear but our current default is that courses are running. We are able to re-book people onto future days but this comes with a charge for very specific reasons.

When you book your slot, we book you a venue place and there are basic minimums. Equally, the tutor costs are shared across the delegates. If we simply re-book (which we tend to do in an ad hoc manner anyway, as people’s commitments change), in situations like this, we are left with the full venue costs and trainer fees covered by few people. So, our policy is to charge an admin fee that covers this and thus enables us to re-book you onto a future date.

We never want to add to the woes of the strikes but hopefully you can also appreciate we need to be secure too.

Please feel free to contact us for further guidance or specific personal situations. We will always be what I would refer to as ‘sensibly helpful’ to do what we can. In the first instance, contact Martin on 01332 418150

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